This lemon banana bread is the perfection of moist and delicate, all while being very simple and fast to put together. This citrusy banana bread recipe will become a go-to in no time, thanks to the zesty lemon glaze that coats it and the almonds that are sprinkled on top.

I cannot resist trying out new quick bread recipes, especially if they use bananas. And in this period one of my favorite things to do is impart the taste of zesty fresh lemon on just about everything. That is to say, I like the smell of citrus fruits throughout the year. But they are fantastic in spring and summer!!! In addition to the refreshing smell of lemon that will fill your house as this bread bakes, both the taste and the consistency of the final piece will be just what you want from homemade lemon banana bread.

Lemon juice and zest feature in both the batter and the glaze, contributing to the supple crumb and intense lemon flavor throughout the cake. The delectable lemon glaze that is drizzled on top of this fast bread, along with the sliced almonds that are so crisp, has to be my absolute favorite parts of it. It’s incredibly delicious!

When you need a delectable option for a pick-me-up in the morning or afternoon, consider making this fast bread. It is simple to prepare, and the simple lemon glaze that is drizzled over the top makes it extra yummy.

Lemons and bananas are truly all you need in this situation! This lemon banana bread recipe is ideal for times when you have overripe bananas on hand since it calls for ingredients that are mostly pantry essentials.


The Banana Bread batter:

260 grams.Of all-purpose flour.

115 grams.Of salted butter; softened to room temp.

150 grams.Of granulated white sugar.

2 beaten eggs.

4 large bananas – mashed.

70 grams.Of Greek yogurt.

60 ml.Of lemon juice.

A large lemon; zested.


115 grams.Of confectioners sugar.

1 large spoon.Of Greek yogurt.

1 large spoon.Of lemon juice.

20 grams.Of sliced almonds.


Step 1:

Prepare a loaf pan measuring 9.13 inches by greasing it with butter or nonstick spray and lining it with a piece of parchment (baking) paper. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Set Aside.

Step 2:

In a very large bowl, beat the butter that has been softened with the granulated sugar until it is creamy and light in color, which should take approximately three to four minutes.

Step 3:

When adding the eggs, just add one at a time and mix until they are almost completely incorporated before proceeding to the next egg. After that, stir in the bananas that have been mashed, along with the yogurt, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Mix until incorporated.

Step 4:

After adding the all-purpose flour and baking powder, whisk in the ingredients until they are almost completely incorporated. If you mix the mixture for the banana bread too much, you will end up with a thick loaf of banana bread.

Step 5:

Bake the cake for about 55 and 65 minutes after pouring the mixture into the prepared baking pan. To determine if the bread is done, stick a toothpick or skewer into the middle of the loaf. You know the bread is done when it comes out clean. However, if you can still see liquid batter, the bread has to bake for a longer period.

Step 6:

Allow the banana bread to rest in the pan (tin) for twenty minutes after it has been done baking. The banana bread should be placed on a cooling rack to finish cooling.

Step 7:

In a low-volume mixing bowl, combine the yogurt, powdered sugar, and lemon juice using a whisk to get a smooth consistency. The bread should be drizzled with the glaze and then topped with sliced almonds.

Step 8:

When you’re ready to serve it, slice the banana bread into pieces and do so. Also, store your bread in an airtight container at room temperature for up to four to five days, or in the refrigerator for up to a week, and enjoy it within that period.

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