This lovely black forest cake has layers of both luscious chocolate cake and exquisite whipped cream stacked on top of each other in alternating layers. The center of the cake is loaded with delicious black cherries and is drenched in cherry liqueur all the way through. This recipe saves time and effort by calling for a store-bought cake mix, but the end result tastes just like homemade cake.

Black forest cake, which originated in the Black Forest area of Germany, is normally composed of a light chocolate sponge cake soaked in cherry syrup and cherry brandy, followed by layers of whipped cream and cherries.

This Black Forest cake is delicious and full of rich flavor. The cake is rich in chocolate flavor and has a soft and delicate texture. The icing is not heavy and has a smooth texture. Every mouthful delivers an intense cherry taste that lingers on the palate. It has the flavor and appearance of having been prepared entirely from scratch. Unless you specifically inform someone, they will never discover that you used a cake mix in your baking.

To prepare this simple recipe for black forest cake, all you need is your preferred chocolate cake mix, one package of cream cheese, one carton of whipped cream, one can of cherries, and a few other pantry staples. Because this recipe calls for cake mix, you won’t need to spend as much time baking or washing dishes. You only need to follow the instructions on the cake mix package to bake the cake, prepare the icing, assemble the cake, and serve it.


A Chocolate cake mix box; +all the ingredients required on the box.

1/4 Cup.Of cherry liqueur.

A can.Of pitted black cherries; drain them well.

A 250 grams pkg.Of cream cheese: softened to room temp.

Cold whipping cream; I used a 430 ml cartoon.

1/2 Cup.Of granulated sugar.

11/2 Tsp.Of vanilla extract.

For decorating I used; maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings.


1st Step

Bake the cake according to the instructions for two rounds measuring 9 inches. Cool to room temperature. If you want your cake to have a smooth surface, you may need to trim the cake domes.

2nd Step

As you’re putting the cake together, use a pastry brush to lightly coat each layer with cherry liqueur.

3rd Step

Mix the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract together with an electric mixer until completely smooth. And then gradually add half of the whipped cream while continuing to whisk it for about a minute, or until it just begins to thicken.

4th Step

Continue whipping until stiff peaks form, then add the remaining whipping cream.

5th Step

On one of the cakes, spread approximately one-fourth of the whipped cream in an even layer. Place the cherries on top, then use the back of a spoon to pour another quarter of the whipped cream over the cherries.

6th Step

Place the second cake on top of the first cake in a careful manner, then cover it with the remaining whipped cream. If you want to decorate it, you may use chocolate sprinkles or curls.

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