Mini Cherry Pies are the ideal treat for sharing in bite-sized portions. These Cherry pie cups are ideal for any event since not only are they simple to create, but they are also really tasty.

These lovely little cherry pies are the answer to your search for a simple dessert, so don’t seek any further! These little servings of cherry pie are the ideal dessert for the summer. You are free to use whatever kind of pie filling you choose in their preparation (blueberry, apple, and peach are some of our personal favorites!)

This is one of our family’s all-time favorite sweets to cook and bring to gatherings. To create these little cherry pie cups, you actually only need two ingredients: pie crust and cherry pie filling. Making these is simple since you only need just two things. Buy it already made to save yourself some time! Just the Right Amount for One Bite: These pies are perfect for eating as a fuss-free dessert or for taking along to a gathering. You won’t need to get out the pie plate since they are portable and come in bite-size portions. In less than an hour, you can have this delicious dessert ready to serve in bite-sized portions.


A pre-made pie crust.

8 Tbsp.Of cherry pie filling.

Cooking spray; I used butter flavored.

Granulated white sugar for sprinkling.


First Step

Prepare a tiny muffin tray by spraying it with butter-flavored cooking spray and preheating the oven to 350 degrees.

Second Step

Roll out the pre-made pie crust, and using a flower cookie cutter about three inches in diameter, cut out eight to twelve flowers. (The number of servings will change according to the size of the cookie cutter.)

Third Step

Place one of the flowers in the hollow of the mini muffin tray by gently pressing it all the way down in the center of the cavity. Next, fold the flower’s petals over the sides of the cavity to finish the look.

Fourth Step

Place one tablespoon of cherry pie filling in the center of each flower, and then sprinkle sugar over the ‘petals’ of the flower.

Fifth Step

Repeat this process until the tiny muffin tray is full, then place it in the oven for 15 minutes. Take it out of the oven and let it cool completely in the pan before eating.

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