Simple to make in just one pan, this Bourbon Chicken is a step up from takeout. Because it is ready in about 20 minutes, this dish is ideal for evenings when you have a lot going on. To complete the dish, serve with rice or noodles and a variety of veggies.

This Bourbon Chicken is a massive improvement over the normal recipe used in the food court. The chicken ends up being really juicy, tender and covered in a substantial amount of sauce. When you cook your go-to takeout foods at home, you have complete command over the levels of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness in each dish. It is best to serve this chicken with rice or noodles so that the additional tasty sauce may be soaked up by the starchy sides. My favorite part of this meal is definitely the sauce! It’s the ideal balance of salty and sweet flavors in one dish.

To top it all off, this recipe couldn’t possibly be much simpler. This recipe for authentic Bourbon Chicken may be prepared in twenty minutes using only one skillet. There is no need to marinate the meat. It’s as easy as cooking the chicken, pouring the sauce over it, letting it boil, and then thickening it with cornstarch and water. That wraps it up! It’s the ideal dish for a quick evening meal, especially when served over rice and a variety of vegetables.

Using a slow cooker is the most practical method for preparing this meal. Put the chicken and the sauce ingredients in the slow cooker, set it to low for 4-6 hours or high for 2-3 hours, and let it simmer. Those who so like may sprinkle the Crockpot Bourbon Chicken with sesame seeds and top it with chopped green onions before serving.


1/2 Tsp.Of sesame oil

1 Tbsp.Of canola oil

Chicken breast; I used 2 pounds cut into 1-inch pieces.

Minced garlic; I used 4 cloves.

1 Tsp.Of minced ginger.

1/4 Cup.Of low sodium soy sauce.

1/4 Cup.Of dark brown sugar.

2 Tbsp.Of bourbon.

1/4 Cup.Of rice wine vinegar.

1 Tsp.Of cornstarch.

1 Tbsp.Of water.

Sesame seeds, for garnish.

Green onions, for garnish.


1st Step

In a large skillet, bring the canola oil and the sesame oil to a high temperature. After adding the chicken, continue to cook and brown it in the pan until it is completely done.

2nd Step

Sauté the garlic and ginger for a minute or two after adding them. (If extra oil is required, add it here)

3rd Step

Whisk together the soy sauce, brown sugar, bourbon, and rice wine vinegar in a bowl of medium size.

4th Step

After adding the sauce to the chicken, reduce the heat to maintain a simmer. Prepare for two to three minutes.

5th Step

In the meanwhile, combine cornstarch and water in a small basin and mix until smooth.

6th Step

After two to three minutes have passed, begin adding the cornstarch mixture to the sauce in a slow and steady stream while stirring it often.

7th Step

If the sauce needs to become thicker, add some additional cornstarch to it.

8th Step

Serve immediately, topping each portion with a garnish of toasted sesame seeds and chopped green onion, if preferred.

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