A Christmas trifle is an important element of any Christmas meal and should never be missing from the table. These layered, individual Mini Trifles may be prepared a day in advance and are certain to be an overwhelming success. The fact that you have the whole Mini Christmas Trifle to yourself is maybe the greatest advantage of this dessert. There will be no more fights with the member of the family who always takes too much jelly.

Not only are they the prettiest tiny desserts you’ve ever seen, but they’re also quite useful for a hectic summer like this one! You are well aware of my fondness for recipes that can be prepared in advance, and the second day’s version of these individual trifles tastes even more delicious. The combination has a chance to soften and the flavors have a chance to combine thanks to the overnight cold.

This recipe has all of the essential components that are traditionally included in a trifle, including custard, sponge, alcohol, and jelly. To further enhance the uniqueness of each of these dessert bites, I’ve added a further layer of enchanting goodness.


85 grams.Of jelly crystals.

125 Ml.Of heavy cream.

Tiramisu sponge fingers; I used about 12 pieces.

1/2 Cup.Of muscat; or you can use a non-alcoholic juice.

1 1/2 Cups.Of custard.

400 grams.Of fresh mixed berries.

200 Ml.Of thickened cream.

1 Tsp.Of custard powder.

For decorating; I used Mint leaves.


1st Step

Prepare jelly by following the recipe to the letter. This recipe should yield around two cups of jelly. And then use one and a quarter cups worth of the liquid jelly mixture to coat the bottoms of six miniature dessert plates or wine glasses.

2nd Step

Place the six cups and the leftover mixture in the refrigerator. After one to two hours have passed, the residual mixture should be near the setting but should still be able to be poured. At this point, the mixture should be combined with cream and beaten on high for four minutes.

3rd Step

At this point, the jelly that’s been poured into the cups should be a nearly complete set. So, gently pour the jelly and cream combination, also known as flummery, into each of the glasses to create a second layer. Give it time to settle.

4th Step

Mix the crushed sponge fingers with the port, sherry, or muscat, and serve. You may be using juice in its place if you’d like a kid-friendly or alcohol-free variation of the trifle.

5th Step

The next layer should be made of sponge fingers, and after that, a layer of the custard should be poured into each glass. As a further layer, add chopped berries, reserving 6 of the berries for decoration purposes.

6th Step

Mix the powdered custard into the thickened cream and whip until the cream forms stiff peaks. Then, pipe cream over the top of the layers, and finish off each trifle by decorating it with a berry and a mint leaf.

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