Strawberry bombs are a fantastic option for satisfying your craving for something sweet while also guaranteeing that you get sufficient quantities of fat in your diet. One of my all-time favorite dessert recipes is for Strawberry Fat Bombs, and this one is specific. Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits, and this recipe not only satisfies my need for fruit but also provides me with the fat that I need to stick to my diet plan.

Since I was a small child, my go-to fruit has always been strawberries. I just can’t get enough of their sweet, juicy flavor. I will never forget the day when my grandpa dedicated an entire section of his yard to grow my very own little patch of strawberries. I’ll never forget how incredibly juicy and delicious those strawberries were while they were still on the vine. Strawberry season is passed and I don’t eat them nearly as often as I used to, but I still like them when I have the chance. Even I can’t resist the occasional sweet. Plus, there are strawberries in these fat bombs, so you can still get your daily fruit serving.


Heavy whipping cream; I used 2 cups.

5 fresh strawberries; large-sized.

3 tbsp.Of Confectioners sugar.

1 tsp.Of vanilla extract.

Chocolate Chips.


1st Step

To prepare the strawberries, place them in a food processor and pulse until they become puree. Set aside.

2nd Step

Put all of the remaining components into a large basin for mixing.

3rd Step

Use an electric mixer to beat the ingredients until soft peaks form. Incorporate the strawberry puree into the mixture.

4th Step

In a muffin tray, put paper liners for cupcakes. And then pipe the mixture into the cupcake liners after placing the mixture in a baggie or an icing bag.

5th Step

Freeze for at least 1 to 2 hours, or until the mixture is firm.


If you don’t have fresh strawberries, you may use frozen ones instead. Simply let them come to room temperature before placing them in the food processor. Ensure that they are sugar-free.

I find that when I freeze the fat bombs, it takes me much longer to consume them. In this manner, I can avoid consuming more in a single sitting than I need. In addition to that, it has a flavor that is comparable to ice cream, but it is free of carbohydrates and suga

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