You wouldn’t believe what would happen if you sprayed your bed with alcohol.


You wouldn’t believe what would happen if you sprayed your bed with alcohol.

There are more uses for medical alcohol while people are only using it as a disinfectant and to remove sticky substances for a long time.

Among the medicinal uses of alcohol, we mention the ones:

+ Getting rid of bugs on the bed:

If you stay in an unclean hotel or go abroad on vacation and you are keen on the cleanliness of your home bed daily, you can bring bedbugs into your home from outside, hence, it is difficult for you to get rid of it, luckily, there’s a way to dispose of it which is next: Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, spray some of it on your pillow and bedding, repeat the method a many times to help get rid of bedbugs and also their eggs.

+ The medical Alcohol:

It can be used as a deodorant substitute; If you are on vacation or you are spending some days outside the house and you forgot to take your deodorant, you can spray some alcohol on your underarms, it is an effective way to killing bacteria and preventing odors but it is not usable in the long run because your skin can be harm by alcohol.

+ Kills lice:

Take a spray bottle and fill it up with alcohol, and spray it on your head, this will help you get rid of lice then comb your hair to remove dead bugs, you should soak the comb in rubbing alcohol for an hour before using this method, according to the Public Health Organization to get rid of all the dead lice.

+ Ear cleaning:

Blend the rubbing alcohol with the white vinegar, take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture obtained and then clean your ears. This way is much better than cleaning your ears with a piece of cotton because it pushes wax deeper into the ear canal.

+ Nail polish remover:

Acetone that girls use usually to remove nail polish, can be somewhat unwholesome and dangerous to nails. Consequently, for healthy nails, rub them with alcohol. Here you are without harm!

+ Clean up your skin:

Among the properties that alcohol has, it cleans the skin, calms inflammation, and is also considered an anti-inflammatory, you can use it as an alternative to anti-acne creams that contain benzoyl peroxide. Put alcohol direct on the pimple and blackhead, it can irritate the surrounding area.

+ Hand sanitizer:

Blend 1/2 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, aloe gel, and to make a natural hand sanitizer, add some drops of tea tree oil.

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